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UNSC Hermes II is a UNSC vessel. In a promotional transmission for Halo: Combat Evolved featured on Bungie's website, the Hermes II received a message from the Covenant CAR-class Cruiser, the Contrition.

NOTE: Nothing else about this object is known. It is possible that the Hermes II is a station rather than a ship. However it is referred to as a "SCS" class ship, the same letters which precede the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. Therefore it is possible that this is a Halcyon-class light cruiser cruiser. It is impossible to confirm this.

The TransmissionsEdit

Before Halo 1's release, a number of transmissions related to the game could be found on Bungie's website. The transmissions are directly linked to the Cortana Letters.

Below is an excerpt from the Transmissions that involved the Hermes II:

  • SCS Hermes II
RECEIVED (trans)
via x-process 375.2.686.0632091
(process owner GA - AI - Class II)

Through war we will teach your heresy.
Through battle we will teach your frailty.
Through death we will teach your fate.



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