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The Arbiter has united the keeps and formed a new alliance! The Swords of Sanghelios!

The Swords of Sanghelios[3] were a break-away faction of the former Covenant Separatists composed predominantly of Sangheili. The Covenant Separatist movement was originally founded as a rebellion against the San'Shyuum-led Covenant, after the Sangheili learned of the true nature of the Halo Installations near the end of the Battle of Installation 05 in November 2552. Following the end of the Human-Covenant war and the destruction of the Covenant, the Swords of Sanghelios was officially formed. The government rapidly grew in scope and influence, eventually taking control of Sanghelios and the majority of the Sangheili inner colonies. The Swords of Sanghelios are also one of a very select few breakaway Covenant factions to maintain diplomatic relations with humanity following the end of the war.

By March 2553 Thel 'Vadam had become the de facto leader of the Swords of Sanghelios and was still in power as of 2559. While the Swords of Sanghelios maintained a solid following, they met resistance from numerous conservative factions which held true to the Covenant religion or to the religion of ancient Sangheili.


Origins of the FactionEdit

The original Swords of Sanghelios originated as an ancient alliance of Kaidons dedicated to the overthrow of a tyrannical Arbiter that was in control of the continent Qivro in the time before the Sangheili became a spacefaring race. They also assisted in making the rest of the Sangheili fall in line under the Writ of Union.[1]


H2A - Arbiter and Majors

The modern Swords of Sanghelios.

Sometime following the destruction of the Covenant, the Fleet of Retribution division within the Covenant Separatists, formed the Swords of Sanghelios. Over the three years following the Human-Covenant war, the Sangheili continued to wage war against the remaining San'Shyuum and the Jiralhanae. At first, the Sangheili were at a major disadvantage, as millennia of depending on the San'Shyuum for technology meant that the Sangheili were unable to properly repair or replace the ships they lost in battle. The odds began to even out when the San'Shyuum "vanished" and the Jiralhanae began to fall back into internecine conflicts.[4]

Blooding YearsEdit

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The ReclamationEdit

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During The Reclamation, the UNSC would reinforce the Swords of Sanghelios and help patrol for Covenant remnants and Created scouts.[5]


The Swords of Sanghelios control the majority of Sangheili colonies.[6]



Unlike most other Covenant splinter groups, the Swords of Sanghelios are a secular government rejecting the Covenant religion and questions the traditional faith. However, many Sangheili still continues to worship the Forerunners, with some factions opposing the Swords of Sanghelios following the end of the Human-Covenant war.


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Unified Earth GovernmentEdit

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They are considered by the UEG to be the formal representatives of the Sangheili race.[6]


Unlike more conservative groups, the Swords of Sanghelios accept females into their military ranks.[2] Additionally, they hold stricter maintenance and safety protocols, ensuring higher utilization rates and healthier crews.[7]




A number of species were apart of the Swords of Sanghelios including Sangheili, Unggoy, Mgalekgolo/Lekgolo, Huragok, and Kig-Yar.





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