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In Halo 2 and Halo: Reach, you can kill yourself with a BR55 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle or similar weapons. It works best on SWAT (or any gametype with no shields and Headshot capable weapons).

Halo 2 WalkthroughEdit

Method 1Edit

Aim directly at the ground with your Battle Rifle and walk forward. The projectiles will hit your foot and be considered a suicide (similar to sticking one's own foot with a plasma grenade).

Method 2Edit

It is also possible for a player to shoot himself in the head. To do this, run and shoot twice straight ahead and then switch weapons. If performed quickly, the ammo will hit the player in the head for an instant death.

Method 3Edit

You can also commit suicide with a Sniper Rifle. Go to the front of a Scorpion and shoot at it in such a way that it will ricochet off the body, off the cannon, and back to you. Depending on the angle, you can either get a body shot or a headshot and either counts as a suicide.

Halo Reach WalkthroughEdit

1. Obtain a headshot capable weapon (DMR, Needle Rifle, Magnum, etc.), find a shield door (one way shields will force you through), then stand about halfway through it.

2. Shoot continuously and move about. Eventually, you will begin to take damage. Keep firing and you will commit suicide.