Annotated Multiplayer Select

The Multiplayer Select Screen Easter Egg can be found in Halo: Combat Evolved.


When you select "edit gametypes" on the Halo: Combat Evolved multiplayer select screen, an image of a Spartan appears to the right of the multiplayer select screen with little captions pointing to various parts of his body. Upon closer inspection, these captions are actually Easter Eggs:

  • Sometimes I give myself the creeps/Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me (this is a lyric from the Green Day song "Basket Case.")
  • Hydraulic suspension thigh pads with cool Kevlar crap.
  • Action/Reload one-way flexible joint system.
  • UV protectant: Sun visor for protection from elements.
  • UV protectant: Sun armor for protection from elements.
  • All your base are belong to us
  • Directional Lock MJOLNIR Cyborg Dealer Parts

These captions are also present in the PC version.