Lima Foxtrot Alpha 43

Lima Foxtrot Alpha 43 after the crash.

Lima Foxtrot Alpha 43, or LFA-43, was a Bumblebee Escape Pod attached to the UNSC Halcyon-class light cruiser UNSC Pillar of Autumn through Hatch 61 in 2552.

Operational HistoryEdit

LFA-43 was used when the Pillar of Autumn was shot down over Installation 04. It carried John-117 and seven Marines down to the surface of the Installation. However, there was an air-brake failure, as the air-brakes blew too early and were sheared off. All of the Marines and the pilot were killed, but John survived, due to the cushioning of his Mjolnir Armor gel layer.[1]

After the crash, the Covenant sent in a lance to investigate the crash site on a Spirit for any possible survivors. John-117 hid himself in the hills nearby and once the Spirit departed, he killed the entire strike team surrounding LFA-43. John then moved on foot to search for other survivors.


  • LFA-43 Could be one of Bungie's many 7 references, as 4+3=7.


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