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Escape From A.R.C. is a map set in a mining complex in the middle of a body of water.[2][3]


  • Red Base
  • Red Core
  • Red Gate
  • Red Ditch
  • Red Tower
  • Red Tanker
  • Red Yard
  • Red Outpost
  • East Tunnel
  • East Tunnel Platform
  • East Armory
  • East Armory Deck
  • Mid Yard
  • Garage Basement
  • Garage
  • Storage Yard
  • Loading Dock
  • West Armory
  • West Armory Deck
  • West Tunnel
  • West Tunnel Platform
  • Blue Outpost
  • Blue Tower
  • Blue Tanker
  • Blue Yard
  • Blue Ditch
  • Blue Gate
  • Blue Core
  • Blue Base