“Mayday! Mayday! Dropship Bravo 022 taking enemy fire! Repeat! We are taking heavy fire and are losing altitude!”
— Bravo 022

Bravo 022 was a UNSC Pelican dropship aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn in 2552.

Operational HistoryEdit

Battle of Installation 04Edit

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When the Pillar of Autumn was shot down over Installation 04, Bravo 022 was saved by its pilot. He launched it as Autumn was crashing. The dropship then met up with the crash survivors at Alpha Base.

Later, Bravo 022, along with Pelican Echo 419, conducted an airborne assault on the island fortress containing The Silent Cartographer. When Mgalekgolo guarding the fortress were discovered during the mission, Cortana requested that Bravo 022 ferry in heavy weapons. Bravo 022 loaded up with a Warthog and several Rocket launchers, but was shot down by enemy fire before managing to unload its cargo.[1] It crashed into a cliff, killing or wounding those aboard. Prior to John-117's arrival on scene, these crash survivors were rounded up and subsequently executed by Unggoy and Kig-Yar forces. After the mission, the wreckage of Bravo 022 was left on the beach where it had crashed.


  • The events occurred in Halo: Combat Evolved in the level Silent Cartographer and were also described in the novel Halo: The Flood. In the game, the dropship is never actually seen, as the two Pelicans that drop the Marines off are simply two Echo 419 models. The player soon discovers the dropship crash site, and the ship there is a re-use of the Victor 933 model.


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